Yummy Healthy Tummy
The Secret to Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs To Know

How To Keep Your Kids Weight Down While Reducing Risk For Diabetes, Heart Disease & Cancer By As Much As 40%...

Just By Encouraging Healthy Eating!

Learn How To Prepare:

  • Healthy Meals That YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE
  • Nutritious Snacks That FIT YOUR BUDGET
  • Wholesome Desserts That Are QUICK and EASY to Make

 Get Your Kids To Want To Eat Healthy Food, Fish And Veggies!

And Discover...

The SECRETS Of Getting Your Children To Eat Healthy Without Any Fighting, Tears or Tantrums!

Dear Busy Mom,

Are you worried...

  • Your kids aren’t getting the right nutrients they need to grow up to be strong and healthy?

  • Your kids are learning eating habits that will harm their health in the long run?

  • Is it always a battle at the dinner table to get your kids to eat their fish and vegetables or to at least try new food?

  • Do you wake up each morning stressing about what to prepare for your little picky eater?

  • Do you waste a lot of money at the supermarket on foods that your kids don’t eat?

  • Do you secretly sneak vegetables in your kids meals because it’s the ONLY way you can get them to eat their vegetables?

  • Do you get disapproving looks from moms of kids who eat healthy? Or worse – from your in-laws and other relatives?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m happy to tell you that help is here.

Introducing –

Yummy Healthy Tummy:
The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids
Every Parent Needs to Know!

Yummy Healthy Tummy eBook

FINALLY, a book that spells out, in plain English, all the things you need to know in order to develop healthy eating habits in your children that they will bring into adulthood and reduce their risks for chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!' is specially designed for busy moms like you to help solve all of your problems with healthy eating, therefore preventing any of the major medical complications children can develop from eating unhealthy foods!


This product is so easy to follow!

  • Learn how to fix healthy eating around YOUR schedule, with no extra time needed.
    A busy schedule will no longer stop you from dishing out healthy meals in time for dinner. Learn how you can work around your busy schedule, what healthy food you can prepare in advance during the weekends or when you have more time, learn how you can delegate and even involve your kids in the kitchen. Dread meal planning? Out of fresh ideas?

  • Identify exactly what healthy foods are, where to begin and what to feed your children based on their current stage of growth and development. Find out exactly what your kids need to thrive according to the kids food pyramid. Learn to prepare food based on portion sizes. Plan meals to include the foods that are packed with the essential nutrients and vitamins they need. Get recipes that are easy to prepare, easy on the budget and easy on the palate.

  • Develop techniques to hone healthy eating habits in your children in a fun and kid-friendly way! No more fighting over the dinner table. No force feeding and timeouts, no tears and stress. Find out how you can train your kids to try new food and to make healthy food choices.

  • Start creating dishes that are healthy AND tastes good. These are dishes that your entire family will love! Stop serving bland, tasteless health foods and start whipping up fabulous and delicious healthy meals that will not only please your children’s palate, but will get the approval of the adults as well.

  • Save TIME and MONEY when you follow our guide on what to have in your healthy kitchen and how to do your meal planning. No more wasted time and money on food that either nobody likes to eat because they’re healthy (i.e. tasteless) or nobody likes to serve really because they’re unhealthy.

  • Get your children to snack healthy and to continue eating healthy even when they are outside the home! Find out how to choose healthy food even when you are outside the home, eating in restaurants – even in fast food restaurants. Healthy options abound – you just need to know how to identify them and to teach your kids to make the right food choices.

  • Protect your children from diabetes, heart attack and cancer that are caused by unhealthy food choices. Establishing healthy eating habits and a preference for healthy food like fish and vegetables in children will give them a head start against diseases that result from an unhealthy diet. By getting your kids to eat healthy, you are making a massive impact on their future health and well-being.

  • Say good-bye to disapproving stares from “perfect” moms whose kids eat healthy.
    Now YOU will discover the secrets of getting your kids to eat healthy and be the proud parent of children who are easy to feed and who willingly choose to eat healthy food. It’s your turn to be the envy of other moms.

'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!' is amazing because it covers nearly all the information you as a parent will want to know about how to get your children, from babies to teens, to eat healthy foods all the time!

Just Imagine Being Able To Get Your Children To Eat Healthy Foods By Choice - Without Having To Enroll Them In Boot Camp – Or Even Worse... FAT Camp!

Imagine being able to get your child to eat healthy foods without the struggles or fights over vegetables and fruits!

But don’t just take our word for it.

"If getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables is a struggle for you, then get yourself a copy of Ms. Campbell's book "Yummy Healthy Tummy" to find out how to transform your kids from health-averse to health-conscious."

-- Kids Health 4 Impressive Ways to Improve Diet (http://www.i2links.net/i2/showthread.php?t=25067)


Hi Keira,

…I want to thank you for this wonderful book. It saved me from being remembered as a nagging mom.

I used to hate feeding my child because I get so worked up whenever she doesn’t finish her plate or whenever she leaves out the greens (considering the hours I spent in the kitchen preparing them). I was so afraid that she’ll grow up to be a fussy eater and end up only eating foods that are bad for her. More than that, I was worried that my youngest will follow in his sister’s footsteps as well.

Now, family meals are truly a joy. Yummy Healthy Tummy had helped not only my kids to eat healthy, but me and my husband as well! It’s a source of comfort knowing that I’m helping my kids avoid diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems later on in life. Thank you for showing us the way to a healthier lifestyle.

-- Caroline Cu

(Mom to Sophia, 3 and Ivan, 6 mos.)


"Kiera Campbell, the author of Yummy Healthy Tummy goes into the psychology of how habits are formed in children and gives tips and instructions on how we can start building the habit to eat healthy. This foundation is very important, because it sets our kids to choose healthy food now and much later on when they’re older.

She then goes on to define what healthy eating is for kids of different ages, what nutrients they need and what food (and in what portions) these food should be served. She’s very thorough in this area and clearly explains how you can use the kids’ food pyramid as a guide to teaching your kids to eat healthy – at home and outside the home. And to start you off, she provides an excitingly fresh and varied menu and recipes that your family (yes, not just your kids) will surely enjoy."

-- Why Yummy Healthy Tummy Is No.1 When it Comes to Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy (http://www.ahealthfood.org-why-yummy-healthy-tummy-is-number-1-when-it-comes-to-teaching-kids-how-to-eat-healthy2)


That is exactly what 'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!' can do for you and your children!

It will show you how you can teach your children healthy eating without having to enroll them in a health program, help you understand your child's nutritional needs without your needing to enroll in a child's health course, and it even specifies some of the healthy foods you can feed your child.

PLUS!! It doesn't completely write off fast food!


Instilling Healthy Eating Habits TODAY Can Help
PROTECT Your Children From Diabetes, Cancer And Heart Disease

Consider these disturbing statistics –

  • Every 20 seconds: 1 person in the US suffers a heart attack

  • Every 34 seconds: 1 person in the US dies from a heart attack

  • Every 24 hours: more than 2,500 Americans die from heart disease

  • In developed countries, 10% to 30% of cancer deaths are caused by unhealthy diets

  • Type 2 diabetes which used to be called adult onset diabetes because it primarily affects people in their 40s is now increasingly affecting children and adolescents.

Now consider these –

  • 19% lower : the risk for heart disease of people who eat beans 4 times a week vs. people who eat beans less than once a week

  • 25% to 40% lower: the risk for bowel cancer of people who ate the most fiber (found in fruits and vegetables) vs. people who ate the least

  • 33% lower: the risk for bowel cancer of people who ate an 80g portion of fish in a day compared to people who ate less than 80g of fish in a week.

I won’t go on and on about the benefits of healthy eating.

Both you and I know that it’s the most important weapon we have against developing diseases later in life.

But that's not all... By teaching our children good eating habits while they are young, we are giving them a solid layer of protection against these debilitating and life-threatening illnesses.

Get Your Children To Choose Healthy Eating FOR LIFE!
Yes, You Can!

Given the overwhelming benefits and the dramatic difference eating healthy makes in our children’s lives, I have made it my personal advocacy to get as many moms to learn the ways of healthy eating children. 

I believe every mom should have access to practical information that will allow her to teach her children to love eating healthy and to choose healthy food for life.

Hence, the book 'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!'. I’ve written this book with the busy mom in mind.

In here, you’ll find help to:

  • Understand how your children's bodies work – and what they need in their diet to develop strong bones, eyes and hearts.
  • Know your children's different stages of growth and development.
  • Understand how your children's habits are formed and how to use that knowledge to get them into the healthy eating habit.
  • Learn what makes a child healthy – and potentially add YEARS onto their lives!
  • Discover what healthy eating is at the different stages in your children's development and how you can support it by preparing the right food.
  • Find out what the essentials of good nutrition are, including exercise and breastfeeding
  • Realize that your children do not need vitamins for as long as they have the right diet, which you will learn from this book!
  • Avoid some of the food allergies or highly allergic foods while still fulfilling their daily nutritional needs.
  • Prevent and address the childhood health problem of obesity and related complications such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Figure out the children's food pyramid and how this can impact the way you plan your children's meals.
  • Understand why even the so called “health experts” don't REALLY know what your child needs.
  • Learn how to count calories and understand eating in portions and serving sizes.
  • 3 secret “brain booster” ingredients that could help your children's brain development and hardly anyone knows about them!
  • Create a list of the 7 MUST-have, superfoods that every healthy kitchen should have.
  • Learn how to plan a menu, and how your entire family benefits from family meals.
  • Recognize the benefits your children receive from well balanced meals, as well as what specifically makes a healthy breakfast, lunch, packed lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert.
  • Allocate kitchen time so you're not rushing to cook, even during weekdays!
  • Save money while eating healthy, either at home or in restaurants!
  • Choose healthy meals even when you eat at fast food restaurants and traditional restaurants
  • Create tasty meals in minutes that will get your children begging you for more vegetables!
  • Help your teen to QUIT eating JUNK food that's helping them to an early grave – and get them to start eating healthy foods (it’s not too late!)
  • Prevent and address the teen health problem of eating disorders such as anorexia and bullimia.
  • Get your children to eat healthy without the power struggles or strain on your relationship with your child.
  • Prepare recommended meals for healthy eating, PLUS easy recipes both parents and children can do together!

I’ve packed in as much value as I could, sharing all that I know and I have found out from talking to other moms, child nutritionists, child psychologists and educators and pediatricians about healthy eating – all the information, tips, tricks and techniques that have allowed me to teach my children to know, to love and to choose healthy food.

I’m offering you this incredible resource that will allow you to protect and save your children from the chronic illnesses that have resulted from our generation’s love affair with steak and soda,

for only $19.95 $17.00


That’s right! For roughly the price of 1 dinner at McDonald’s, you will instantly receive vital information that will have an immense impact on your children’s future health and well-being.

Why so low, you ask? I have made healthy eating for children my mission in life. I want as many moms as possible to have access to information that could save their children’s health and their lives. I want you to have this information immediately.


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  • How cooking with your children can be a truly fun activity for you both
  • How to go grocery shopping for healthy foods so that you save money
  • How the entire family can enjoy healthy meals

Not only will you have access to the secrets of getting your children to eat healthily and enjoy the benefits your children will receive in terms of health, nutrition, and quality of life for the rest of their lives, but you will also get a collection of healthy, yummy recipes that are easy to prepare for your family to enjoy.

Just imagine how easy it'll be to get children and teens to eat healthy once you know the secrets found in 'Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!' and a reserve of nutritious and delicious recipes in the FREE 'The Kids Food Secrets Healthy Budget Cookbook: Recipes that are Great for Your Health and Your Wallet!'.


Sounds good? Let me make it even better!

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It also includes:

  • A list of the various cooking terms you often see in recipes. (Second-guess no more!)
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That’s right. Read the book. Try all the recipes – as many of them as you like, as often as you like. And if anytime within the 60-day guarantee period you don’t like the product, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product and the free bonus.

So really, you have nothing to lose! I’m taking away all the risk so you can enjoy this product and get your children started on healthy eating. Try the product out today! Click here to download it now!


Kiera S. Campbell




P.S. Do not delay! The earlier you can get your children to eat healthy, the more you will be able to protect them from diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease – chronic illnesses that can be in part caused by an unhealthy diet.

FACT:1 out of every 3 American Kids Are At Risk Of OBESITY!

Do something to make sure your KIDS aren't... Today!